How to make deposit in a new bank account

Dear sir,

If we open new bank account with the deposit amount of Rs.5000

How can I make entry ?

If I make receive in bank book what is the account head ?


Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. This topic had nothing to do with tax invoices. So I moved it to a new topic.

To answer your question, create the new bank account as per this Guide: Set up a bank or cash account | Manager.

Receive money into the bank account according to this Guide: Record a receipt | Manager. Which account you post the transaction to will depend on where you get the money (from a customer in payment of a sales invoice, from a capital account holder, as a contribution by a sole trader, etc.).

Or, if you are moving money from another bank account or depositing petty cash, use an inter account transfer. See this Guide: Transfer money between bank and cash accounts | Manager.

if you are referring to the bank account opening charges, then just create the new bank account with its opening balance set as Rs.5000.

This should only be done if converting to Manager from another accounting system. A starting balance is never appropriate when a new account is opened by an ongoing business, because the money must come from somewhere, either as a contribution, receipt, or transfer.