Deposit in starting balance

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I create a new bank acc with a starting balance of (e.g) 1000$ and starting date Sept 1st. This amount includes a deposit of 500$ from a customer, for goods he will receive Sept 15th. The invoice of my customer will also be created Sept 15th. I can not find the way I could settle that invoice.
Any ideas ?

A deposit is usually not associated with an invoice. A deposit should be entered according to the Guide on the subject. This creates a credit for the customer in Accounts receivable. When the sales invoice is created, the credit will be automatically applied to the invoice.

Yes, this is the way it works when a deposit is entered after the starting date of a bank acc.
What I seek is a solution when the deposit is already included in the starting balance …

First, starting balances are used only when transferring to Manager from a previous accounting system. If you had no previous accounting system, the deposit can only have been received after the business was started. In that case, enter a deposit on the first day of operation as part of your opening contribution to the bank account. Or, if you started the bank account some time after beginning operation, enter it as of the date you opened the bank account.

If you had a previous system, and the starting balance is really a transferred amount, enter it under Settings > Starting Balances in Accounts receivable. Drill down to the customer’s account and enter a $500 credit amount.

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Thank you @Tut . I will try with the workarounds you suggest