Help .. Customise Template Theme

Hi there,

Appreciated that you can share your existing customise theme with me, as I had spent hours editing but still I have no clue on this.

I would like to have something like the following
Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 5.06.26 AM

I do appreciated for your kindness , thank you very much

Let me make several points, @leonardchua:

  • Users are responsible for writing and troubleshooting their own custom themes. This is not a coding forum. Basic guidance is provided here: If you do not have the skills, any competent web designer with Liquid programming experience should be able to help.
  • Custom themes only change the general appearance of a transaction form. All available information is already displayed using the built-in Plain theme. Anything not there must be added with custom fields. See Some of your variables do not exist anywhere in the database. But you can determine which are available by examining the code for the Plain theme.
  • There are a few Guides that offer limited additional information, including:
  • Be aware that custom field titles do not display unless there is content within the field itself for the specific transaction.
  • Nothing you do will change the format of entry screens for transactions or forms. Those are fixed. You will see the result of your custom theme only when the completed form is viewed.

Have you tried custom fields for the “Notes:” and signature fields. You may find a built in theme is adequate then.

Having multiple addresses for a single customer would require a custom field and putting it at the top of the report a custom theme.

To get exactly what you want though is probably best done by a programmer (unless you have those skills or the time to acquire them).