Manager Desktop Linux ARM64

Hi, I switched my hardware from x86_64 to arm64. I see there are builds of manager-server for Linux ARM64 but none for manager-desktop. I would like the option of having Desktop version builds for Linux ARM64 and I’m willing to pay if needed to have this. Manager has been my main accounting program for some time now and is the only application that I’m not able to use because of the mentioned above.

Have you checked the official download page Download | Manager

Did you try to run Manager using for example Fedora or Ubuntu for Arm 64? Not sure why they would not run.

Yes, and only x86_64 bits versions are offered, meanwhile the github releases page has the manager-server arm64 bits version, but not for desktop version.

ARM64 and X86_64 are two completely different architectures so current build of manager for x86_64 will not run on any arm64 distro flavor of linux :frowning:

A quick search of the forum would have helped. Please read the below post.

That solution worked when manager was distributed as CIL which required the mono or .NET runtime to run, but now the available packages are native binaries which doesn’t lets me run the available Manager Desktop downloads since all of them only target X86_64 and not ARM64 :frowning:.

well i am not a linux user so i cannot offer much help. but i can see an open ticket here related to arm64 incompatibility. maybe other linux users or @lubos can provide more help on this.