How to importing from Tally 9 to Manager?

I’m using ERP 9.0 Tally Accounting software but now I’m much more interested to use Manger. So how can I import data from ERP 9.0 Tally to this software?

Sorry, not possible. If you can export list of customers, suppliers etc. to spreadsheet, you can import them to Manager. As per transactions, I suggest to leave the historical transactions in Tally and start fresh on Manager.



I agree with Lubos with respect to Historical, i.e. CLOSED transactions, It’s been a while, but you can convert “Open” transactions (payables & receivables) - by entering invoices dated prior to your ‘start date’.

Couldn’t quite decide the “Scope” of your desired import, while you cannot readily import all history from another system you can establish ‘opening balances’ for all accounts with their related “sub-ledger” (control account) open transactions.

@alasdair, you are replying to a five and a half year old thread. It only popped to the top of the list because a spammer posted on it and the spam was recognized and deleted.

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