Can i restore from Tally to Manager

Can i restore using tally back up.


no. you can only restore a complete business from a Manager created backup.
you can enter the data in Manager supported excel format and bulk import data.

You can’t import financial tractions - Sales / Purchase Invoices etc.
You can only import list items - Customers / Suppliers / Inventory etc.

Also, you can import Bank Statements

You don’t need to restore data from tally, just enter opening balances in Manager from the closing balances in Tally.


So only way i have to update all the accounting detail manually. Right
Were can i find supported excel format

No, just start with Manager with opening balances.
Why do you need to re-enter all your past accounting detail ?

If i don’t do that then i have to maintain dual accounts, to follow up my customer payments and accounting details, which will be a headache for me.

As part of the opening balances you would enter any outstanding payments per customer so you would see them in Manager as you would see them in Tally

You can import your customer details, address etc.