Credit from supplier

I’ve been invoiced by a supplier for good that I had already payed for, they have issued me credits, how to I log them?


As a debit note. See the Guide: Use debit notes for supplier returns and refunds | Manager.

Perfect thanks, I didn’t have that option ticked :+1:

What account do I mark the Debit note to?

To the same account that the original invoice

Accounts Payable?

Did you look at the original invoice? I would be very surprised if you entered Accounts payable for any line items in the original invoice.

The simplest solution is to view the purchase invoice and then use the copy to Debit Note

Correct anything that needs to be corrected - date, reference number, etc and press Create

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OK thanks, how should I word these Invoices?
should it be along the lines of “Materials” or “Wrongly invoiced items”?


First, you are not entering an invoice. You will enter a debit note.

Second, debit notes are usually worded exactly the same way as the purchase invoice they correspond to.

Third, did you read @Joe91’s last recommendation. If you copy the purchase invoice to a debit note, you don’t have to word anything. Everything is already there. But, if you want to, you can edit the top Description line with an explanation of what the debit note is for.

Fourth, all this discussion assumes you actually entered a purchase invoice for the incorrect billing by your supplier. If you did not, knowing it was a mistake, you don’t have to do anything. The purpose of a debit note is to partially undo a purchase invoice already entered.