Credit Nota invoice immediately says paid instead of open


I’ve paid an advance for fuel in a previous invoice. Actual use was lower, so I now received a credit nota, which will be deducted from a future invoice. If I create a purchase invoice with a negative amount, Manager automatically fills amount paid for the samen amount, resulting in balance due 0, whereas I would like it as an accounts receivable.

Is my accounting wrong? Am I using Manager wrong? Hope someone can help me.

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You pay for fuel in advance 50.00
Actual use was lower 45.00
So received a credit note for 5.00

To process that Credit Note, then you don’t enter a negative Purchase Invoice but you enter a Debit Note. A Credit Note from a supplier is a Debit Note from you - every credit must have a debit

Now you have two options

  1. Activate the Debit Note tab under Customise and process the Note which will put a negative balance against the Supplier under Accounts Payable and will be used as a partial payment against the next Purchase Invoice.

  2. Ignore processing the Note and when the Supplier sends you the next Invoice for 50.00 less the 5.00 just process the Purchase Invoice as 45.00.

I would suggest (2) unless you expect to receive a lot of Supplier Credit Notes. Having the Debit Note tab activated for just the occasional one, adds clutter to the left hand side navigation (tabs).