How to get Stripe files to be Receipts in Manager

i’m trying to get STRIPE IIF files to import into as RECEIPTS not as Payments which are in the negative. Anyone have a suggestion?

That’s not clear, sorry

What’s in the negative?

when I upload a STRIPE IIF file into, the “receipts” come as a negative number as if they were a “payment”. They should come in as a “receipt” in the positive number.
ex: if someone buys something it comes to me as a +$ amount (receipt).
If I pay someone its a -$ amount (payment).

You need to change the sign in the file before you import it

Manager should be able to import Stripe IIF files without manual adjustments.

However, I think it’s better if Stripe transactions are imported using new Relay feature where transactions can be pulled from Stripe account using Stripe API.

I made it work but it wasn’t good enough to release it. So perhaps just wait a few weeks and Stripe feeds will be available. No need to deal with IIF files.

I don’t see where I can “change the sign in the file before import”? Its literally just “export” from Stripe and “choose file” to import. Any detail advice would be great

You will need to edit tge IIF file using a file editor such as Notepad in Windows

Thank you Joe91, do you have a solution for MAC users?

lubos: Thank you for the response, what is “RELAY” feature

Next time please search the forum before posting. You would easily have found New concept "Relay"

sorry. I’m new to even using Forums.

No, I don’t use a Mac but TextEdit seems to be the equivalent Mac app