Stripe and Manager

I would like to know what the best way is to enter Stripe Transactions into Manager. It appears as though the subscription billing is handled by Stripe for the Cloud Edition of Manager so I thought you might have some insight.

Stripe doesn’t really export data very well into an OFX format so I was thinking I could enter transactions “Net to gross” with the fees considered (so GST is calculated correctly) when they landed in the bank account.

Stripe exports to IIF which you can import to Manager.

But looking into it, it looks like it’s being imported the other way around (payments are imported as receipts and receipts as payments). And amounts are wrong. It’s because how they split transactions in IIF file.

Anyway, don’t import Stripe transactions just yet. There seems to be more work to be done before it works properly.

Any updates on this?

Stripe uses a special income, expense and a bank account in Quickbooks. Then it refers to these three in the IIF file generated.

Manager on the other hand, has no concept of referring to individual accounts from contextual IIFs so it imports Stripe’s exported IIF as all negative balances.

The IIF implementation in Manager is definitely incomplete. If it was, say, open source, I could have fixed it but alas!

I wrote a little app to download and organize the Stripe’s cleared payments and their respective fees into a CSV. Now it imports quite well. If anybody wants the code, let me know and I’ll gladly Gist it.

Hi Micky

Is this still up for grabs? Would appreciate receiving the code. Thanks