All transactions in the imported Bank statement as received money


I am using manager for MAC. When i import a bank statement (.qif format) all transactions whether they are under credit or debit are being considered as received money.


Did you also try a different format?

I use also a mac, and had no problems with the .swi format…


i tried the csv format but it did not work due to a lack of “dates”, the .qif formats provide the dates, values and description correctly. I can only save my bank statements in the following formats, MS money (.qif), CSV, PDF, Text.

I tried to edit the .qif data manually and add a negative sign before a value to see if it would have any effect when i import it but still no luck.


Could you send your QIF file to ? I’ll try to reproduce this issue.


For what its worth, i use qif on mac and it works fine…


Sent. with the same subject line. Sorry for the delay. Thanks.