How to get rid off the Invoice Date in Delivery note

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How to get rid off the Invoice Date when pulled out from Delivery Note.

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Click the X. But why would you want to do that? You will lose track of status and not know the items on an invoice have been delivered.

I mean the Date only, not the invoice number

You cannot change that.

Hi @lubos

Please help me how to exclude the Invoice Date from Delivery Note printed document
Delivery Note


As already explained by @Tut this date is concatenated with the invoice number and will remain as such, not sure why you persist with this.

Required by the government. Becouse the date could be missleading, they will think the date is part of invoice number

Please indicate with a link to your tax authorities where they stipulate to be interested in seeing delivery notes, because I am puzzled why they would as delivery notes (see Create delivery notes | Manager)

have no financial impact. Indeed, they include no financial information.

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The proses of payment system start from the department/government agency input the Documents (Delivery Oder and Invoice) from us as a vendor.

And its compoulsary to upload the Delivery Note signed by the department/end user as a proof good/service has been delivered and follow by our Invoice. The Government Account Payable Division will not proceed the payment unless these documents signed by end user

The old Version is perfect, is appear only the Invoice ref number.

I’m not sure if this is a bug since this appears to be by design. I will have to defer this to the developer.

@lubos, could you please take a look at this.

@Ahmad_Khoiron, your post #9 does not provide justification that your request is required by your government. You have only stated that the delivery note must be furnished to the government after signing to obtain payment. Unless you can furnish government documentation of this requirement, it remains only your personal preference.

Yes sorry for that. It’s requested by my government the reference number should appear exactly as stated in the Invoice like the old format.

I would highly appreciate if Mr. @lubos could help me on this.


Accountant should understand my request and they will not asking to furnish government documentation or as such. So let the capable person (Mr. @lubos ) handle my request.

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The developer is not an accountant. His practice has been to change the program only when necessary to match actual requirements of government authorities. If you want action, you will speed things along by furnishing the requested documentation.

I will note that there are many users from your country. No one else has ever made such a request.

Then please come to my country I can bring you to the officer, becouse i dont have the document you asking