Identify which Sales Invoices have had Delivery Notes Created to Prevent Duplicates


I would like to see the Order Number column when viewing delivery notes, similar to how it is visible on the sales invoice page. This to easily track which orders haven’t been delivered. Right now I have the problem of one sales invoice that needs a delivery note, but I can not sort my delivery notes by order number and therefore not cross reference with the online store to know which one is missing.

I also have a suggestion: Make it easy to see if a Purchase Invoice or Sales Invoice has been delivered or received. For example, have an icon indicating that the delivery note or goods receipt has been created. This would hugely simply the tracking of inventory.

Invoices are not delivered or received. They are paid or not paid. Their displayed status reflects that fact. The delivery note and goods receipt provide status of inventory movement.

I think you misunderstood what I meant. In any case, do you know if it is possible to add the order number column to the delivery notes table? Since that is where we track inventory movements it would be very helpful to see the order number as well.

I did not misunderstand. I simply pointed out the accounting principle that explains why what you ask for is not shown.

As for showing order numbers, you cannot control what is shown unless it is a custom field.

@Tut, @lubos Let me explain this problem in more detail, finding a way to improve this user flow will make using your service much easier. Let me give you an example. As an e-commerce store, each sale would have a sales invoice generated. When the money is received, we mark the invoice paid. When the order has shipped, 99% of your customers probably go to the sales invoice and select “Copy To” -> “Delivery Note”.

Effectively this let’s us track which orders have shipped. If you have 100 sales invoices but only 95 delivery notes, logic has it there are 5 orders that haven’t been shipped yet, assuming you only generate sales invoices for the sale of inventory items (the case for most ecommerce stores). Let’s say I want to find out which orders I haven’t shipped, since no delivery notes have been created for 5 sales invoices. By looking at the delivery notes I can’t see the sales order column, so I have no common id to cross reference with. Likewise, if I go to sales invoices, I cannot see which sales invoices have already had delivery notes issued. I will therefore have to manually check the last 10-15 sales invoices and delivery notes to try and find out which sales invoice have not had their delivery note created.

Yesterday I actually created all delivery notes and goods receipts to start using this system. When I copied over my movements I accidentally made a few duplicate delivery notes. Why? Because I created them by opening the sales invoice and then selected Copy to Delivery Note. If you indicate which sales invoices have had this action done, or introduce the sales order column so we can have some thing to cross reference between the sales invoice tab and delivey note tab, your software will become much easier to use for inventory movement tracking.

I am not telling you how to implement it, I am highlighting a problem in the user flow for a type of interaction that occurs frequently, namely creating delivery notes by copying them from sales invoices and then keeping track of this action to prevent duplicate entries.

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Your detailed explanation was not necessary, @whereskarlo. As I said earlier, I did not misunderstand you. And while I explained why one thing you asked for was impractical, I made no comment about showing order numbers in the delivery note register except to answer your question about customizing the screen.

Personally, I think showing the order numbers (if there are any) is a fine idea. But I am not the developer.

Ability to link up various documents (quotes, invoices, orders, delivery notes etc) into workflows is something that will be definitely implemented.

For example, you’d create a workflow (or group) where each document would belong to a workflow. This way, you would be able to see which invoices don’t have delivery note yet. Or which orders, don’t have an invoice etc.

There is still a lot to think about when it comes to implementation. Not even sure whether “Workflows” tab would be the right name for it.


Very interesting @lubos . The way I am linking up documents right now is with the Order Number or Reference field. The sales invoice, payment receipt, Paypal fee payment and delivery note all have the same Order Number/Reference Number, which corresponds to a single order in my e-commerce platform. That way I can track all related transactions to any particular sale and make sure all documents have been created.

Perhaps the workflow could be implemented by using the Reference Number/Order Number as the common ID that links the documents together, and then just come up with a UI that summarizes each order. Users would have to enter these numbers to link the documents together.

Perhaps it could be presented as a table, where each row is a new order/reference number, and each column represents a document such as sales order, sales invoice, payment receipt, delivery note and so forth. If a document has been created for that reference number, it will be linked in the intersecting cell. If it has not it will be blank.

See attached screenshot for an example. In this example we know that order 550503 hasn’t been delivered, and order 550504 hasn’t been paid by the customer (assuming we have kept Manager up to date).

@lubos can you please consider adding the order number column to the delivery notes tab? The order number column is already visible on the sales invoice tab.

Perhaps I didn’t stress enough how important this is for my (and probably others) use case. I have 225 Sales Invoices and only 220 Delivery Notes. I am trying with lots of effort to find which sales invoices haven’t been marked as “delivered” by creating a delivery note. I use the Order Number column to track orders, and without this I simply can’t compare the Delivery Notes and Sales Invoices side by side. If the order number column was visible, I could sort both lists by order number and then more easily find which delivery notes are missing.

Please consider this until something better, like a status column on the sales invoice tab to indicate if delivery note has been created, is implemented. It is very hard at the moment to track and verify that all delivery notes have been created which makes inventory tracking difficult.

I think that makes sense. Check the latest version (17.1.68) where those columns should appear under Delivery Notes tab.

Just checked - thank you for adding this, it made a huge difference! Very useful and I can now easily sort the notes by order number and cross reference as needed. Great!

Would it also be possible to add maybe a delivery note number or even a checkmark in the sales invoices tab, so it’s also possible to see over there which orders/invoices have been delivered and wich not.

@AA236, you are responding to a 4-year-old, obsolete post. There are multiple ways to get this information:

  • In the Customers tab, drill down on the Qty to deliver figure.
  • In the Inventory Items tab, drill down on the same figure.
  • In the Delivery Notes tab, sales invoice numbers are listed directly for those that have been delivered.