How to get reports on the basic of custom fields

Is it possible to get a report involving custom fields?

Can you be more specific what you are trying to achieve? There will be universal report “writer” which will be able to dig into custom fields. Right now, no report can take advantage of custom fields.

I am trying to implement Manager SW in travel agency business. In air ticketing business, you wish to analyse your return, air line wise /sector wise etc. Since Meta data fields are available which is wonderful, a window may be opened to selective fields of your reports on the basic of input data. a one step more if LOVs or some editing rules could be added for that meta data.
Just to avail this opportunity, I would also suggest
a) Generate unique number for each trans for audit trail.
b) Make modification restrictive for any old dated entry.
c) Audit trail is very important as it is accounting SW.
SW is very useful friendly and very fast in response.

I don’t know if this is the same, but I’m wondering if on the BAS statement the fields can be made click-able to show what transactions are included in the results of the report?