Report writer

How to create custom reports with a report writer or access the manage software with ms office, open office, etc

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What’s your use-case? What sort of report are you interested in?

Thanks Lubos

It was a general question wrt creating custom reports in manager Eg if i wanted to create my own management reports is there a report writer app that could interface with the manager software database,
Or perhaps using ms access to extract the data from manager or maybe manager has a built in report writer feature etc?

The only way right now is to use API, see Free Accounting Software | Manager but that’s rather complicated approach.

I want to add ability to create custom reports where you would pick type of data, filter, columns. This would settle a lot of feature requests asking for quite niche reports. And even if you wouldn’t want custom report, you could always export data source to TSV file which could be further manipulated in Excel or other spreadsheet program (or imported into different database)

Ok. Thanks.

Looking forward to the custom reports.
I have an income account called labour and it would be nice to know how many units (hours) are being booked out by day/week/month
(I’m not using billable time module)

@itmoto, if you use Billable Time, the primary listing page shows all time (and corresponding amounts). You can report the page and manipulate the data as you like. I highly recommend using the module.