How to extract CASHBOOK or DAYBOOK and print ?
Journal entries printing output is not as proper as cashbook or daybook.
Searched for several hours in futile to extract or find DAYBOOK or CASHBOOK.
DAY BOOK or CASHBOOK shows daily record of transactions with HEAD OF ACCOUNTS above every entry.


                                  **_DAYBOOK/CASHBOOK  01.04.2018_**

DATE --------------- PARTICULARS -------------------------------- -------Dr. ------------ Cr.

01.04.2018 ---------Sundry Creditors:------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------- To Amount paid to X to settle 2017 loan --------44000.00

There is one solution but that does not serve full purpose. That is, we can print cash balances A/C from General Ledger balances. But that does not show ‘Head of Account’ of each and every transactions.
Kindly guide.
Thank you.

have you checked General Ledger (Transactions) under Reports?

Thanks for your quick response.
General Ledger Transactions print out does not show ‘Heads of Accounts’ of each and every daily transactions entries. A clear example is given in my post.
This remark I have mentioned in my earlier post.
Right !

You are addressing only slight format differences, @skguru. The General Ledger Transactions report organizes transactions by Group and Account name. It then lists date, descriptive information (including customer/supplier where appropriate), debit or credit amount, subtotals for accounts, and overall totals:

Further, a daybook (also called a journal) is an outmoded relic of manual accounting systems, in which an accountant records transactions as they occur, for later transfer into account ledgers. Manager bypasses that process by directly posting both portions of a double-entry accounting record into their correct account ledgers directly.

You are right that is outdated. But it’s still required by law in many jurisdictions.

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As commented by Mr.Davide, a member in this forum, it’s mandatory to keep books of accounts in lndia. In fact daybook/cashbook or journal in whatever name it’s called, is the main source or origin of any transaction.

Now, I would like to bring your kind attention to General Ledger Transactions report. It shows the Dr. Cr. Total of each head not the balance. Its good, o.k. But don’t you agree, the cash balance head should show the balance for a cash book ?. That’s the point. I shall try to send sample. If this sounds valid, at software modification, you may create a separate report titled respectively.

Anyway I appreciate your great work in rendering your useful and effective software for free. Let your service continue by God’s grace. God bless us all. Thanks.!

@skguru, please understand that a daybook is not the source of any transactions. It is a preliminary record of a transaction. All the information that you would write in a daybook is contained in Manager, just not in the same format that would be used for a handwritten journal that is later transferred to separate account ledgers. Nor does it need to be.

Of course it is mandatory to keep “books of account” in India, just as it is everywhere. But “books of account” do not have to be redundant, duplicated lists of transactions. Other users from India are encouraged to offer their opinions on this subject.

As for account balances, those are available in the General Ledger Summary report, a much shorter and probably more convenient report format. They are also visible on the Summary page, which can be exported. I note that a daybook or journal does not provide running accounts balances. It only records individual transactions. Account balances cannot be determined until the transactions are transferred to individual account ledgers. As I said in my earlier post, Manager bypasses the interim list stage and posts the transactions directly.