How to create starting balance for Capital Accounts?

I have migrated my accounts from earlier spread-sheet based accounting to Manager. Really enjoying this experience. Thank you for making is software free and friendly!
Here is the context: Manager version used: 18.7.53; Business Organization: Partnership Firm (LLP)
I have a problem which I just can’t figure out.
I need to enter starting balances in the Capital Accounts for each partner. These are amounts credited already in the earlier years to individual partner accounts. In some of the guides I have seen “starting balance” and a “date” option, but I am not able to see this.
Would really appreciate any help to sort this out. Thanks!

Forgot to mention: Using desktop version 18.7.53

You should:
Create one voice for each shareholder
Set the starting balance of each one of them

You have uncovered a bug, probably a regression bug from a recent update. Capital accounts should appear in the Starting Balances register under Settings, but does not. I will create a bug report.

Thanks, @Tut. I was really struggling with that one :).