Entering opening balance for capital accounts

Hello everyone!
Please guide me how can I enter opening balance for capital account? I could not see any such option when I was adding new capital account.

You really need to provide more details. Is this a new install of Manager for an existing company, ie you want to continue with existing account data or a new business with fresh account startup?

@eko ,
The business is old but I am now shifting data to io.manager

So did you indicate in settings a startdate so you can add opening balances? Without a start-date this is disabled.

Ow okay! Right! I just followed your instructions and now I can enter opening balance.
Please also let me know what does “Available Credit” mean when entering starting balance for customers.

I recommend you first read the available Guides in which you can find a lot of information.

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In addition to @Mark’s suggestion which is the most important source you are advised to search this forum on for example Available Credit and what it means in relation to customers and suppliers.