Starting Balance for Capital

Is there anything new in Manager Accounting software, our company name is EG Global.

Due to the fact that there was mix up in the data uploaded in 2019, we have to open
a fresh company EG Global 2020.

We are having challenges in entering the beginning share Capital for EG Global for year 2020.

Manager guide has not helped me.
Please assist.

What version of Manager are you using?
Have you set the Start Date?

Have you followed the guide Enter starting balances
What exactly are you having a problem with - please show screen images explaining what is your problem exactly

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When I open the blue button under summary, it will display that the Capital accounts is empty

What blue button under Summary ?

Please show screen images of to explain your problem - it is very difficult to understand from a description

Yes a lot has changed including the way starting balances are entered. Reading the updated guide @Joe91 linked to is an excellent idea.

Please see attached.

What version of Manager are you using?

If you are not on the latest version, the Guide will not make much sense

And photos of the screen are not the best way to display the screen - using the Windows Snipping Tool is much better

You need to go to
\Reports / Starting Balances

click on the Starting balance you want to enter

I have done all of these.
The screen above is the process I followed to upload my other starting balances.

But I am not seeing Capital to type in the amount.
That is the major issue

You do not have the Capital Accounts tab enabled. Therefore, you have no capital accounts. See

Capital is enabled and I have ready the guide you suggested.

No, the Capital Accounts tab is not enabled, or it would appear in the left navigation pane. Based on other tabs you have enabled, it would be directly below Depreciation Entries.

Tut and Joe91,
The issue is resolved.