New field for inventory items and purchase invoice items

I can create a new field, but I wonder if other people would find it useful to have a clickable field or something that brings up the website page for the product that you want to order or the suppliers details if they want to phone/email the order.

For example if I have a projector in inventory and I need to order more projectors, I would need a field to state which supplier I buy that particular item from. I was thinking for me I could put in the website hyperlink as virtually everything I buy is online. But other people might want the Supplier contact details. Maybe what would be best is to link to the suppliers contact details in the suppliers section. I can put in the suppliers website details in the contact details section and just us the part code to search for the item on their website.

Before I create new fields for inventory items and purchase invoice items, I wanted to check with you whether you were thinking of adding supplier links to inventory items and purchase invoice items as I would imagine a lot of other people would like to go to the item in inventory and see immediately which supplier they order that product from.

Thank you.