How to access to Suspense Account when access is limited

My staff are set up not allowed to view the the Summary page and unable to access to the Suspense Account. I have discovered many times, they did not put enter the account and the entries have placed into the suspense. And I have to fix their mistakes. Is there a quick way where my staff can access to the suspense account and fix it themselves?

They can access the original entries for correction. But if they don’t have access to the Summary, they have no way of seeing they need correction. You can only access Suspense account information through the Summary page, Balance Sheet, or Profit and Loss Statement.

Surely my staff would not able to access to either the balance sheet or the P&L Statement.

Maybe I would like to request this matter as an idea to have a category in the Reports Tab to allow viewing of the Suspense Account. From there I am able to set allow under the Reports for the user to access :slight_smile:

Alternate way to deal with this is copy the hyperlink of your suspense account and share with your team. In server edition, this works and doesn’t require access to summary page.

@applet, your suggestion is great :+1: I tried your suggestion but the link leads to summary page. Can you share how to copy the link by screen shot? FYI, I am cloud version user and, to my belief, the cloud & server versions have almost identical feature.

Thanks in advance.

Rgds / M. Sultan

If user doesn’t have access to summary page, I don’t think just by sharing the link user can access summary page. Anyhow, refer the attached screenshot. At the bottom left, you’ll see the link which appears when you move the cursor to freight clearing account. Once you click, link appears in browser window as well that can be copied and shared with users. I have removed my server address from the link.

Since it has been bump up in the forum, I still personally work by myself to fix all the Suspense Accounts created by my staff. They don’t have access to the summary, balance sheet report and so on. As mentioned previous (see quote) would be the only way to solve this problem. Hope @lubos would take this idea with interest.