Sales Quote displaying Suspense under Acount

How to remove the account tap displaying suspense

You need to go to you summary screen, scroll down and click on the blue amount next to the so called suspense account. Manager puts all entries that are not properly associated to an account in the suspense account and you must fix these errors. In essence the suspense account is an error account and all entries there must be fixed, usually that means allocated an appropriate acaount. Your Quote will then show the proper account rather than suspense.

@nixnava_26 welcome to the forum.

I don’t think that that’s the issue since Sales Quotes used to have no field for Account but I suspect that they are kept in suspense in a similar fashion to Purchase Orders in order to enhance the Projects tab.

However, it doesn’t hurt to test this.

@nixnava_26 please do as @eko advised and report the outcome. Also, provide screenshots for the edit screens of the inventory/non-inventory items involved.