User permissions - last release

I have an accountant working who has access to all modules except for the summary page and the reports module. With this, he is not aware of the profit or loss.

I shared with him the links of some balance sheet and profit and loss accounts for his analysis such as freight clearing account and employee clearing account so he can reconcile and analyze, as required.

With the last release update, he is getting the message to contact the administrator to elevate his permissions.

Is there another way to achieve this objective i.e. accessing the same screen as he would from the summary page but not having the access to the summary page?
Is there a possibility that restricted users have restricited visibility on the summary page i.e. they see only the accounts that are allowed to them.

This wont answer your question, but: if you give the accountant access to everything and he really wants to know the profit of your business don’t you think he can just calculate the thing in excel or something? If you hire an accountant to the the job, let him do it. If you don’t trust the person for your profit statement get another person. :slight_smile:

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I do not see the reason why you give all the accesses to the accountant and deny him a report to see the balances, who does that?

Whats the function of the accountant, anyways? His job culminate in the preparation of performance reports and in most cases his analysis are based on performance reports. So if he can not access the performance reports what exactly is he to do? This might clarify the issues.
There is a saying, anyone you can not trust should not be part of your team. If it is a matter of trust, maybe another accountant should be hired, else the work can not be reliable.

While I appreciate the above responses, my question is whether there is any feature that helps me achieving the objectives stated in my first post above. @Tut @lubos please share your thoughts.

Re: trust and accountants having no access to P&L is my preferred choice. Not everyone needs to access everything. If that was the case there was no need for user permission modules. Best in class ERP systems such as SAP & Oracle have similar designs whereby not all users have access to all modules.

Create general ledger reports for those specific accounts and give him view permission for those reports . It is possible.

And he is an account officer or book keeper and never an accountant.

I tried this approach but it doesn’t give the same view for e.g. reports doesn’t have a search box or ability to sort. I know I can do this in Excel but would rather have access to the same view as you would get from clicking an account from the summary page.

Fair enough - different terminologies, thanks

To give bookkeeper access to Employee clearing account, just give them access to Employees tab.

Unfortunately there is no way to selectively give bookkeeper access to custom general ledger accounts such as “Freight clearing account” etc. It’s all or nothing at the moment.

This is going to be resolved by upcoming user permission system where you will be able to give access to specific custom reports only. Custom reports are capable showing ledger for specific custom accounts.


Good to know that, thanks.