How do i restore a backup?

I am trying to restore backup because when I opened manager today for some reason it has managed to lose the last two months’ transactions.

When I try to add a new business from an backup it says : Invalid file format" ??

Please help

It sounds like you may be trying to restore either the program itself or the original data file rather than the backup. If the backup was made within the past few months, it will have the business name and date in its title.


I seem to be having a similar problem. I’ve lost all the transaction i made in the last month or so.
When trying to launch from the backup file i get the following message:

There is no application set to open the document “Machezo Enterprises Ltd (07 Feb 2017).manager”.

i’m running manager on a mac.

please help

  1. Do you have Manager open ?
  2. Have you clicked “Add Business” ?
  3. Have you clicked “Import Backup” ?

You can’t click the backup file itself

Thank you. that worked.