Restore Backup

How do I restore a backup? When I follow the instructions and select the backup file, the message says no file selected. I also cannot open the existing data files because the message says manager cannot open this type of file???
Mac computer

To add more mystery. When I downloaded the app for windows and restored the existing file from Mac, it opened without any difficulty.
I followed the suggestion from this forum on deleting the company and then restoring the backup only to lose access to the original data. It is there, I just cannot access it
The data file from a new business, opened in Mac is exactly the same as the existing one, with the exception of the size of course, since there is no actual data added, The info tag on the files match in all the right places, and the’ open with’ is Manager app
I have spent a week, including 14hour days migrating the data to Mac so I can get rid of Windows for good. It is very frustrating to spend all that time and then lose access to everything in Mac
Please assist me

It seems like there is an issue where it’s not possible to select the file on Mac. I’m looking into it.

Check the latest version, should be fixed now.