How do I get the latest updates

I am using the desktop edition, how do I get the updates without losing any data. I love this software and its so easy to use
thank you

Download setup from the link below and install the setup will update your software without losing your Business data.

If you wanna be more secure you can backup before updating. so if something goes wrong you will be on the safe side.

You do not have to back up and restore. All your data is saved in a separate file from the application itself. Just download and install the latest version in exactly the same fashion as the original version. No need to uninstall anything first. Manager installation process handles the change. The new version of the application calls your old data file.

Of course, it is always wise to routinely back up your records before doing an update and on a routine basis.

Does the backup include the new custom themes ?

Yes. A backup file includes every transaction, setting, report, item, theme, etc. ever created for the single business you are backing up. The only things it will not include is those you have purposely deleted.

Thank you