New update available in desktop version

How can one find out if there is any new update available in desktop version.

Go to this URL:

Most updates are invisible to users, though. Major changes are announced on this forum under the Releases category.

my point is also how to update it, as i cant see any update option.

there are no separate updates. just download and install the latest program from

It is a best practice to take backups before installing updates.

that means everytime we need to reinstall the software when updates are released. thanks

yes. you can just install the new program without uninstalling the old one. just take backup in case something goes wrong. also keep the installer for the previous version if you need to revert back to the old version for any reason.

I installed the latest update and find out there are some missing features. like ‘add business’. the new update could only allow me upload my backup but can’t add more business. is this normal with lastest update or am I having a problem

The latest version is 17.6.50.

To add a business, click on the “Businesses” tab and you will see the “Add Business” button.

That Add Business button is a dropdown. Select Create New Business: