How can I calculate Unit Name, Quantities?

The stock we buy and sell is per ltr.

None of the general ledger reports indicate the unit name, litre. Thus I can’t see how much stock I bought, and how much I sold.

My question is, is it possible or how to calculate the unit name column, for purchase invoices and sales invoices.

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Unit names are set in the Inventory Items tab by editing the individual items. See Names set there will appear on purchase and sales invoices under the Qty column. Of, if everything on the invoice has the same unit name, that column will be renamed to match.

I don’t know what you mean by “how to calculate the unit name column.”

As for reports, entries are in the unit name defined for any given item, but do not show on the reports.

Thank you for your reply. I need a total of the qty column (the unit name column). Just the amount columns in the general ledger of purchase invoices and sales invoices are calculated. I want to know how many litres of stock I bought and sold. Currently, with a calculator I count the liters on every sales invoice and every purchase invoice. Do you understand?

Is there a report that can give me a total, for a specific period, for the total amount of liters I bought and sold? The Ltr colum is not on the reports

The Inventory Quantity Movement report will give you want you want. It just won’t be labelled as litres.

Yes, I have that report. Which report is for the quantity liters sold to customers? The sales invoices by item give a total amount of money, not liters

You are looking at the Sales Invoice Totals by Item report. I did not mention that. Use the Inventory Quantity Movement report, as I wrote above.

Have a look at this thread which may help you to create a Custom Report to get quantity sold per customer: