Hospitality Management

Hello everyone,
Please is anyone using manager for hospitality business, kindly share you experience.


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Are you able to be more specific re Hospitality … we use Manager to handle the ‘back end’ requirements of running a Motel/Hotel … ‘front end’ is handled by a PMS.

Thanks .

I run a travel business, with separate profit centers under one legal business name, and the only option for me to use manager ibn that instance is to use manager separate businesses for each profit center, would be nice if the facility to manage separate profit center with user access to only the transactions of that profit center (branch office / separate bank account)

Managing separate profits centers under one legal business requires restricted access to accounts and transactions from that profit center only (Branch network) and if Manager can provide that facility will be a wonderful addition – separate bank accounts can be managed and all records including summery can be viewed for that branch / profit center – I think Manager will be able to cater to a more wider base

I am in to travel business and I have branch offices that I like to manage separately with facility to view summery for each profit center

You can experiment with a test business enabling and using Divisions (each Branch) and User permissions including restrictions to specific bank and cash accounts (assuming you have Cloud or Server edition as permission are not available in desktop).