Show Currency in Invoice

Is there any way to display the currency in the invoice. We have 2 different customer types. One in US Dollars and one is in Singapore Dollars. Preferably, US Dollars = USD and Singapore Dollars = SGD

Read these Guides:

Hi Tut. I have followed the guide. However, the invoice for a customer that is in Singapore dollars still shows only $. Is there a way to clearly define it as SGD? Because both US and SG currency is “$”, it will creates a confusion for my customers if the invoice is in USD or SGD.


Manager considers all entries to be in your base currency unless they are associated with a customer, supplier, or cash account denominated in a different currency. So if you have a customer you will bill in USD, you must set them up in USD under the Customers tab. Sales to them will be converted back to your base currency when posted in the income account.

To reduce clutter, Manager also eliminates everything but the $ symbol in transaction forms for any currency in “dollars” of any nationality. This is because most users operate only in one currency and all the extra letters are unnecessary.

So you should verify with customers what currency they want to be billed in. If there is any ambiguity, include a comment in the Notes field, such as, “All figures in U. S. Dollars.” or “All figures in Singapore Dollars.”

Believe this needs to be addressed. Note is Ok. but standard with in the Manager module will help everyone.