History trace not complete

I needed to check history of a Sales Invoice. In view mode of that invoice, I clicked on the history but it is just showing the update. I wanted to see who created if but I failed to track. See below pictures

This is Invoice with view mode showing history tab at the bottom right

Clicking on history tab, it is showing just one history of UPDATE (see picture below) but i failed to trace who created it. I WILL BE GRATEFUL IF ANY ONE CAN HELP TO TRACE WHO CREATED IT.

Then I tried to find it 0n HISTORY tab on top right side (beside backup) but as it is not displaying any reference number so it is utterly impossible to trace that particular invoice history

It could have been possible to track it in HISTORY if the reference number was available. This is just one of numerous reasons, why it is important that history must show the reference number of each item.

The new History function was introduced on June 2020. This transaction predates History and therefore, as far as manager goes, this transaction is prehistoric.:slightly_smiling_face:

You should only be able to trace all history after June 2020 – that is assuming you were up to date back then.

Exactly. You are right. I updated a current invoice as a test case and I could verify you are correct. Thanks for assistance👍

The analysis of the problem was helpful.

Nevertheless, the reference number of each item (transaction) in history tab will be helpful in many ways.

History is incomplete and only shows two things in my client’s company file.

I know for a fact that transactions entered into manager were made after June 2020 yet I only see these two transactions here.

This doesn’t seem to affect the other company files on my cloud subscription. I wonder if anybody has the same issue.

there is a known bug. please read below topic.