History required more info

Hi @lubos
I want to see the history of an individual payment who created it, but i can not doing it easily. Becouse there are large number of payment and user has been created in same date and there is no specific identified payment number to identified easily. in this case i need to check all of them in this specific date and consume much time. If the payment/voucher number is available in this history to create another column it would be better to identified who did it. is it possible to update?



Yes previously all specific invoice numbers and dates and reference numbers used to show up in history.

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Any update?

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Hi @lubos,
Is it possible to update to insert transaction number ? it is very much important to identified who is created/modified/deleted the specific transaction. Other wise it is very difficult to us to identified who did it. Same time and same day a large number of transactions can be made and more user. if i want to identified a transaction it is very time consuming.