Hi everybody,

I started in 2017 with this programm, because my old pc is getting a bit slow and inreliable. I have put up the ending balance per 2016. But now I’m thinking of putting in last 2 years also and starting with ending balance of 2014.
Somebody a trick/tip to do this in a good way, without losing the details a have now?
Thank you for responses.


There is no reason you cannot do this if you have the time and desire.

  • First, update your software. That way, if you have questions or problems, you’ll be dealing with the latest version and people will be able to help.
  • Second, make a backup of your records so you can go back to them if something goes wrong.
  • Since you apparently had ending balances for 2014, change your Start Date to 1/1/2015.
  • Then just enter all your transactions with their actual dates.
  • Take advantage of batch update where it is available.
  • If your bank allows you to download statements/transactions from that long ago, importing a bank statement for 2015 - 2016 will save some time.

Thank you Tut. The way I expected.
The bookkeeping is not that big, so I think I can manage. This morning I already updated the system, because I couldn’t send e-mails before. And now I can straight from Manager.

Batch update will give me a quick help, but I don’t know when. That’s for me to find out.
Bankstatements I have to decide.