Hide Tax Code Column

Let me ask,
What if we only sell Exempt Items or only Items with 0% Vat.
Does the Invoice Table still display the Tax Amount (VAT) column?
And what about the Total line, is it still necessary to add the Total Vat line?

Hi, good point, I hear what you are saying.

The invoice table displays the tax code column with all items including 0%, unless they are set to be Tax exempt.

If the items are set to exempt, there is not tax code or tax amount column.

I’m not sure about the Total line, will get back to you on that one

I’m so sorry for the delay in responding to you.
Yes your invoices generated with your theme that I tried before are perfect - for 15% and any numerical %. It didn’t work when the tax amount was set to 0% or Exempt.

You posted an image in your previous post showing all the different invoice tables for Exempt, 0%, 15%, and (15%+9%) above.

Did you generate those using a Manager custom theme? Would you be happy to post the Code so I can try it?

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This seems very difficult to solve in one Custom theme because it is a little complicated.

Looks like we have to ask @lubos to differentiate between Vat Zero and Vat with 0% Rate. If Vat with 0% Rate is treated the same as Vat > 0% Rate, the logic will be easier or maybe we just need a custom theme to change the Column Label.

For Exempt Item Sales, we can use Default Custom Themes.

ZIMRA Themes 0524.manager (52 KB)

You might have a good point right there, but I personally lean towards transferring the responsibility to the user or the community – much like translations and localizations. This will allow for:

  1. A quick development of a utility much like Report Transformations

  2. Self-coordinated community efforts that are naturally prioritized to serve the most pressing issues that serve the largest user base. Naturally, those more familiar with the regulations will produce a more compliant product faster

  3. This will reduce the overhead, meaning the number of extra fields unused by all users except for one locality. These fields are WCGWs waiting to happen and confuse the user

  4. This will provide a modular form compliance meaning you will be able to quickly discard of any obsolete local setting in case the regulation expires, or on the other hand, this will make it easier to incorporate a certain regulation in case it catches on with many countries since the rules have already been codified

I’m curious to hear your thoughts about that or its alternative, if you have any.