How to change invoice column names

Our local tax laws require specific column titles in invoices . is there a way to edit these titles? eg. total column to Total Inc. VAT etc.

We can still use custom themes for that need.
Go to Settings - Obsolete Features - Themes
Create New Themes, and modify the default code listed there.

Local developers and coders have failed to get this done. Zimbabwe. Who can help please?

See forum rules:

If your question is related to custom themes or custom reports, always post the code or report definition you have developed and the results it produces.

Custom themes are written in Liquid. You will have to use substitution filters. But you are responsible for their development, at least initially.

What kind of appearance do you want?

Our Zimbabwean colleagues pointed out that the only MUST (referred to is to change the title of the Invoice to ‘Fiscal Tax Invoice’ which you can easily do in Manager. The column headings that Manager has are sufficient. Please give an example of a column heading that would not be acceptable by Zimra.

Investing in creating Custom Themes that are deemed Obsolete Feature would be unnecessary and also not future proof.

Legal requirements should be possible to do without coding because everybody in the given country needs it. So themes are not the right approach.

However, this comes up fairly often when someone claims something to be a legal requirement in their country but it’s not. @archybee have you got any sources that confirm what you are claiming?


Indeed! Mostly they then show an example template but as mentioned the authoritative resource in Zimbabwe is Zimra (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) and they explain what must be on the Fiscal Tax Invoice (the title) as per link

Thanks for this,

  1. column headings now have specific wording e.d VAT AMOUNT, TOTAL EXCL. VAT,
  2. Invoice total, manager only says TOTAL, ZIMRA wants INVOICE TOTAL

I have attached a sample compliant invoice. e.g manager says reference number, zimra wants Document number. see other column specific requitements attached

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Sorry, but Zimra does only give this as an example template. Also do not upload PDF files (remove it) as they could be a security challenge. Just provide the link to the Zimbra template. You can always write more details in the footerfor example All prices are tax inclusive.

They nolonger want that. they have a hard template they want everyone to stock to.

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Please provide a link to the Zimra source. My colleagues in Zimbabwe are not aware of any such dictate, nor the accounting firms.

zimra is for Zimbabwe not zambia. let me try find a link.

Sorry, we also have staff in Zambia, actuallya cross Africa. I meant Zimra.

Is there a way to help with what i requested? changing column names and total names to comply with our VAT rules?

We are still awaiting evidence that this is required by Zimra. Your persistent pushing does not help without providing real evidence as I showed you and so my colleagues assured this request is just not required to comply with VAT rules. Maybe your accountant, bookkeeper, or whomever tells you this but not Zimra.

Axis solutions is one of the approved Zimra consultants to help migrate to the new VAT system. See their email, attached and contact them to show you how the new invoice templates have changed. You can also contact Zimra to ask about the changes or if what Axis is telling is the truth. This is the zimra link about the changes although this doesnt tell much about the specifics, Axis will tell you. Currently we are now using off the system templates but its giving us hard labour. we would love to just use ready made invoices in the system.

Usually tax authorities put limits on invoice layouts, not headings.

if developer can create separatae language file for whole system or for only invoice/quote etc, and allow user to modify their language/translation file. job done :slight_smile:

As I expected, your consultants are telling you this. We have different experience. There is no need to contact Zimra as we are fine, maybe you should. Wish you well!

I was simply asking if my request can be met, it was ok to just say this is not possible. i was thinking this is the way of getting help from our system supplier but now it seems like i am asking things i should not be asking for. My crime is being your customer and asking if what i want can be done. I honestly think I only wanted help and nothing more. Axis is not my consultant, it is a ZIMRA subcontracted consultant. They work under zimra. what they say is what zimra has said. The ZIMRA letter i shared with you clearly tells us to work with their consultants. Thats excatly how it works here in Zimbabwe where i stay and do business in. Infact right now i am 3 minutes drive from the Zimra head office, i am on the ground. @lubos

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