Hide 'Edit' button for Users who are restricted from Create/Update


When a user does not have Create/Update Access,

  1. three should be no “Edit” button visible to the user in the
    transaction modules. If a button is required, then it’s label
    should read, “view”, and the update/delete buttons should be hidden
    from the user (along with the message that the feature has been
  2. The Create New buttons should be hidden from the user. In the current view, the user can click on the button fill out the form, only to realize that the Administrator has disabled the Create button.

When access is restricted, don’t give the user more information/buttons than they are authorized to have

This also applies to the top navigation screens for “Users” “Preferences” and “Billing” - the user should not have these menu options if it is only available to the administrator (or restricted from their ability to edit).

Or enable the Administrator to determine what buttons are available in the Top Navigation, similar to the ability to customize other navigation settings.


I agree but not all records are viewable at the moment so “edit” button serves purpose of being able to view the record without having ability to update or delete.

There will be more work done on polishing so you will see progressively that restricted users won’t see what is not relevant to them. For example, Users tab could be removed since there is nothing to be seen by restricted users anyway. The same goes for “Create” buttons at various places since without ability to create records, this button does essentially nothing.