The "View" Button

I believe most of the Manager users needs this awesome button.

Requesting “View” button for-

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inventory Items
  • Inventory Write-Off

We need to see the basic information very often. It would be very great if developers add the View button where necessary.

Where would this button be and what would it do?

I think he means a page that brings together all the information about the subject. Every feild where something has been entered (including custom field) will be displayed.

The view button should be at where it is now in invoice section: right side of the edit button.

Sometimes, for example, we need to see some information about an employee. If the view button shows all information stored including the custom fields, it would be awesome.

Another Idea
If the edit button is disabled for a user who has view only rights, and only the view button is enabled for him, it would be awesome too.

So what you want is not really a button that shows anything besides what is visible when clicking Edit. You just want users of the server or cloud editions who have no Edit permission to be able to see the information, correct? So more options for Permitted Actions under User Permissions would meet your needs?

It seems this capability would have to be on a module by module basis, since you might want a user to view Customer data but not Employee data, and edit neither.

The current user permission control system is fine. No changes necessary.

We only need a view option not only for those users who doesn’t have write access, but all types of user need to view information (on permitted modules) easily without clicking the edit button.

Think about what you have said. You say the permission control system is fine. But you want all types of users to be able to view information on permitted modules. Therefore, this would have to be on a module by module basis, as I said.

I was not saying the function should not be via a view button. I was trying to clarify what information you wanted to show. My main point was that you could no longer, for example, select the ability to View, Create, Update, Delete and present a list of modules. That is because you might want some users to view and update sales invoices, but only view customers. In other words, the ability you desire really would require a matrix of capabilities versus modules.

I got your point. It would be great if this matrix is possible.
Maybe you can bring some ideas onto it.

I hope, developers are thinking about this feature.