Help with reporting daily sales

I will be loading an inventory list of pieces of art to be sold at an exhibition. I would like to be able to run a report at the end of each day to reflect which artist sold and which pieces were sold for that day. Would this be a custom report and how should I write the SQL query?

Custom reports could do this. What columns you need your custom report to produce?

Hi, so at the end of each day we need to know which artist has sold which piece for how much. I will load the inventory as follows:
Code = 87
SalePrice = R1200
Description = CAROLINE GLAUBER - Figures Berlin Wall
StartingBalanceQty =1

I have organized them this way so that the invoice looks as required.
I will then just tally all the daily totals to get Gross Income.
The second report would be a list of all customers at the end of the show - their full name, Mobile number and email address - I will join these and give each artist a list of the people who bought their paintings.

Hi, hoping someone can assist with my reporting question? Event starts on Sunday. Thanks.

I think you can get what you want if you focus on inventory rather then sales by doing the following set up: In setting up the inventory item, create a purchase price that equals the selling price - you would need to add your description. Note the starting balance section


So your Inventory listing would look like this

The Sales Invoice entry would look like this

Which would update the Inventory listing to look like this

Go to the Reports tab - select Inventory Value Movement and enter both dates the same

If you white out “cost of”, this will give you the days sales as purchase price equals sale price. If the sales price changes, then also edit the Starting Balance Average Cost figure.

Probably not what you were expecting but its a work around with the same results I think

Then if you change the reports dates to the next day, you will get a listing of unsold pictures

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That really seems to be the answer - thank you so much. I have another question though - I have 1100 items and wanted to Batch Create - works well but does not contain the Average Cost and Value on Hand - are those interpreted differently via other fields?

Don’t know, have never used Batch Create so don’t know the field structure. With only 48 hrs to go and at 23 entries per hr, you will just make it by manual input :unamused:

Are you talking about starting balances for inventory items? When you do batch import, these fields capture starting balances:

  • HasStartingBalance
  • StartingBalanceCost
  • StartingBalanceQty