Help with finding mistake

Hello everyone!

Cloud user here.

On Sunday I got a message from our staff at one of our shops saying that their cash count didn’t match the amount in

When I look through the history I see see that after Saturday evening nothing was done in manager, and the cash was counted after the last entry on Saturday and at that time everything matched.

When I look through our count record and the cash account in manager I see that whatever changed is a long way back. I looked through the history and couldn’t find anything within the last few days.

This means that either all of our shop staff is actually not looking at the manager value of that cash account or something changed.

Is there any other tool at my disposal? When I go through the history I can’t see the date of the items that was changed without going in to each item and see.

I’m a little bit at a loss here. I don’t know if my explanation made any sense.

You need to be using Bank Reconciliation module where staff is not just “checking” but actually entering the proof they are checking.

I suggest fix the balances and from now on, use Bank Reconciliation module.

I never thought about using bank reconciliation for cash accounts :man_facepalming:. We will give it a go.

We had the same thing happen again today. Same amount as last time, not sure from when, but looking back it seems to be an old transaction that has changed.

Any idea what manager changes could have caused this? Could it be related to something with exchange rates or other changes that have happened?

It’s a cash account and there are 3992 transactions on there so difficult to go through. If we had daily reconciliations from day 1 we would know what date something changed. It seems a little odd. I have gone through the history (account was fine yesterday evening) this morning it had 75,600 TZS more (about 32 USD).