Help with bulk journal entries

Hello! I’m using cloud version.

After we do our monthly stock takes we use to batch create journal entries and write offs to make small corrections to our stock based on the physical count. As a note we are improving our procedures as theoretically there should be no discrepancies.

In the previous version every journal entry took up one row and one column (for each header) in excel. If we had many rows of data from our stock take we could simply copy and past it into 1 cell and it would work.

Now the format for bulk entries have changed and every entry has it’s own set of columns (8).
Anyone have any tips or advice on how best use the new batch create journal entry format?

Thank you.

There is no alternative to matching the format. However, since you do not know the number of columns, and it probably changes from month to month, it may be less work to simply make manual write-offs and journal entries rather than use Batch Create.

If you think about it, you have to type the entries somewhere. The effort of typing them in regular transaction forms rather than in a Batch Create spreadsheet is not much different and may actually be less. It is also less prone to mistakes. Remember, you can add lines to either form, so you only need one write-off and one journal entry per month. That is easier to understand and verify than a spreadsheet line for every adjustment.

We use data from Manager for our monthly stock takes. The biggest discrepancies are double checked and we then do the necessary adjustments. Through filters it was easy before to get the relevant data into the batch create form so not much extra work was required.

Manually is of course always an option, but I would prefer if the data wouldn’t need to be entered again (from the stock take sheet to manager). I will keep thinking about this and see if I can come up with a workable solution.