Batch Create Journal Entry

I’m looking for the syntax / method of adding multiple lines for multiple accounts to a journal entry during a batch create. I can only figure out out to populate the debit account. I would like to also batch enter the credit account at the same time.

Generally the most efficient way of working out the syntax for a batch create function is to

  1. Create some examples of the entries you want manually

  2. Use “Batch update” on all your example entries, and copy them to your clipboard

  3. Paste / import the records into your editor of choice

  4. An equivalent “Batch create” file is identical except without the final “Key” column

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Thank you. That was a good clue, but it still took a bit to work out. Some tips for anyone trying to do this too. I was cutting from Manager IO to Open Office. Open Office was stripping out the needed formatting, so I had to put it back in. Quotes and carriage returns were not populating in Open Office correctly for a cut back into Manager IO. I wound up cutting and pasting each cell’s value from the Batch Update syntax in Manager IO to Open Office. When pasting the data, I would double click the associated cell in Open Office and pasted the values making sure that the quotes and carriage returns came across too.

Attached is what it looked like when it worked. Note that the “Date” is the actual date and not ###. It’s just overflowing the cell.

Thanks again.