Batch processing

Good day. Thank you for your amazing accounting software. My challenge thus far however is that pertains to the issue of batch processing that I can’t seem to find under cash accounts. I am able to add other lines when receiving or paying cash, the total is lumped under a single line in the cashbook since the payer or payee line is only one. Is there any way around this?

No. Multiple line items allow you to post different portions of a payment or receipt to different accounts. For example, at the same time and from the same supplier you might buy shop supplies you allocate to an expense account and inventory you allocate to Inventory on hand. But you are only making one payment, so there is only one transaction posted to the cash account, balanced by the sum of the two lines on the form.

We have data in row and columns which we would like to add in Manager through batch processing. The main challenge is to transform the data as Manager consider each row as separate data and separates row data for multiple rows by atl + enter (br to new line)

Can you please assist

  1. How one can transform the data for quick processing.
  2. Batch update include back hand coding for headers, cost centers etc. It is difficult for team to understand and relate. Is there any easy way so non-technical person can also rejoice the benefit of effectively using manager.

That depends heavily on what the data contains and its formatting.

New data is not added with Batch Update. Instead, use Batch Create. To understand what is expected, you will need to create several entries manually first, then examine their content using Batch Update before going back to Batch Create. Looking at Batch Update will help you understand the required information and format for Batch Create.

But batch operations can be quite difficult because of all the UUIDs (those long hexadecimal strings of letters and numbers). These must be deciphered before batch creation can occur. So some amount of technical capability is required. Batch operations are not for everyone.

Thank you for your quick responses.

We understand Batch Create is use at start and Batch Update for updating existing records. When we were transiting to Manager this tool assist us. However, UUIDs remains the challenge!

We have thousand of customers (students) and would like to issue at least one invoice each month. Reoccuring Invoice will suffice however, one invoice includes multiple items including promotion discounts and specific customer discount as well. We have complied detail of customers in excel where each row is a customer with multiple columns for certain items. Now challenge is to club in to one cell so it can be use for creating a batch

This information may not belong in a single cell or field in Manager. First, create a manual customer definition that includes all necessary information. That might require custom fields. Then you will be able to see how to structure the Batch Create spreadsheet. There is no way to get around the fact that you may have to do a lot of manual editing of your existing spreadsheet before it is suitable for importing into Manager.