Help Regarding Customer Rates In Manager

I am working in a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan and introduced “Manager” in my organization from past 2 years.
We are having 8 major customers who are distributing our veterinary products all around the country. My company has set each distributor’s price different for a single product e.g for Product X Lahore City Distributor: Rs 800 while for Multan City Distributor: Rs 850.
Now my question is that how can I set different prices for different customers for a single product.

A fast reply will appreciated from Manager team

It is not possible to set prices by customer.

One possibility is to clone previous invoices which will then have the previous price used for that customer or to have Sales Quotes for each customer with a list of product and prices
But if each customer only orders the product sporadically, this may not be suitable

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