Sales Receipt vs Sales Invoice

Sorry about this rather basic question:
I’m “transitioning” from a service-based industry to a retail environment, and am accustomed to using sales invoices, then using the “new receipt” button to then record the actual receipt into the relevant bank account.
I’m a little confused in this new scenario, though, as the sales and receipts are actually simultaneous, so an “invoice” seems redundant. Guess I’m looking for what might just be called a “sales receipt”.

I’ve been using my former method in this new business, but I’m wondering about the receipts always going into the “accounts receivable” as opposed to just the “sales” account. Have I set this up wrong,and if so how might I best adjust it?

Thanks very much, I DO quite like the program (Desktop version/ both Linux and Windows)

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the answer to your questions are explained in the guide

this is not wrong. customers are part of the Accounts receivable account. the debits on this account created by sales invoices are then credited when entering a receipt.

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Read the Guide about making cash sales.

Okay, thanks very much, both of you.
So, having now read that Cash Sale guide you referred me to (and sorry I had missed that!), am I correct in concluding that I should just enter the sales DIRECTLY into the “Receipts and Payments” area, and bypass the Sales Invoices process altogether? I’m not really keeping track of customers individually anyways, as they’re just generally “walk-in”.
I’m just wondering whether I can have enough detail there, e.g. separate items listed, tax, etc.
I DID manage to import several transactions from my POS system (“Square”, in my case, as well as some from “SumUp”), but being limited to just the five columns–via csv-- is a bit restrictive.

Thanks again!

if you do not have to maintain individual customer statements, then yes you can use Receipts and Payments directly for cash sales.

Okay, I’m getting there…I really am… :grinning:
So if I do that (just enter the transactions directly as a “Receipt”), do I still select the accounts receivable, or can I now just choose “Income/sales”? I suspect the latter, and the Cash Sales info page doesn’t go into that.

Do the latter. As you will see if you try, there is no receivable to select, because you will not have created an invoice.

Okay, that’s great, and it saves me a time-consuming step.
Thanks very much again, both of you!