Having long texts in custom fields and being cut after exporting to PDF

Hi! We are having problems when we put long texts in a custom field then it gets cut after exporting to pdf, it should go to the next page. Any solution for this? TIA.

No. The PDF generator will not break a custom field across pages. If you use Print instead of PDF, you will get all the content, but you lose the header information and page numbers on subsequent pages. This and your other recent post show you are trying to push the program beyond its intended purposes. The most lengthy custom field type is Paragraph, not Multiple-pages of text. This exact issue was discussed a few weeks ago in the forum.

Thanks @Tut, we have problems in printing directly from the app, it becomes black and white and our theme footer goes up in the middle of the paper so we always export first to pdf before printing.

Anyway, we’ll contact our local coder and see what he can do. Thanks again.