Custom Field & Form Defaults - PDF Problem

I’ve created Custom Fields for our Delivery Note, with one specific field being for Summary Terms & Conditions (Delivery - Risk & Ownership), this excerpt from our standard t’s & c’s equates to 4.0 to 4.20…
The system doc portrays as wanted, PDF that AND SUDDENLY the t’s & c’s verbiage gets cut off at 4.9, i.e. more than 50% of what is required on the doc is lost to PDF only…

Is there a fix for this, am I doing something wrong??? The problem in my opinion is the PDF Writer!

Please post screen shots illustrating this. Include a shot of the definition page for the custom field, the form default page for delivery notes, the Edit screen for a delivery note exhibiting the problem, and the View screen for the same delivery note. Proprietary information can be obscured.



The above is screenshots of the system generated doc, following will be what PDF does to the doc…!

As always, thanks for your prompt interaction Tut…

You provided only the last of the four screen shots I requested.

Also, what did you do to put the PDF into landscape orientation? The PDF feature of the program does not do this. So I suspect you created the PDF using a separate PDF generator, possibly through the print dialog?

Finally, are you using a custom theme?

Hi Tut, screenshots of Custom Fields and Form defaults and NO it’s in portrait not landscape and NO I’m not using themes and I only use the PDF tab on the system, no other PDF Writer that I’m aware of…


Please answer the questions if you want help. Your first image is not the Edit screen for the custom field, but the list of custom fields. And you did not show the form default page for delivery notes.

Further, if your PDF is not in landscape orientation, what is visible if you scroll downwards? You said the content was cut off at 4.9, leading me to believe what you showed was the entire page and, therefore, in landscape orientation. Apparently, you have-not shown the entire PDF.

How many pages does this content take up? The field type options include paragraph text, but not multi-page text. If you want to include that much information with your transactions, perhaps a separately printed list of terms would be more appropriate. This could even be appended to a Manager-generated PDF.

Hi Tut, below is the custom fields edit screen -

Next are pictures of the Manager default view of the form, you will see on the top and bottom this is from the manager system. On this view the summary terms and conditions completely show from 1 to 20 -

Next is the view of the form once it is downloaded from the manager standard PDF writer, as you will see it cuts off at 4.9

Lastly, all the screenshots from the computer are just from a standard monitor screen, everything that is created is in portrait as you will see by the pictures…

I’m using Manager version 20.2.33. on Windows 10 x64 and I also have problems printing an invoice with a custom theme:
Manager’s built-in PDF print option uses another font than its screen font and the margins are very small on the resulting PDF. It’s like it stretches the layout.
Using the Print option and selecting Adobe PDF as printer doesn’t even print the simple adaptions made to the plain theme, merely consisting in white font on black background for the invoice body header. When selecting the printer, it also places a horizontal black line above the logo.

Screenshot from Manager’s screen:

Screenshot from Manager’s built-in PDF:

Screenshot from Manager’s print option:

Screenshot from printer preview:

Another thing is that Manager crashes when printing the same PDF invoice twice and overwriting the first PDF.

Hi Mark, thanks for your input on the topic, I find Themes just mess my information layout up…I’m not a “fundi” on any of this, but I’m convinced it’s the way the Manager software has been set-up with whatever PDF writer they’ve elected to use… This was apparent on the Desk Top versions we ran for a couple of years, we have subsequently migrated across to their Cloud paid version for the last year or so and the problem still exist here…

What you are both reporting is the result of different rendering engines. When you view something onscreen, you are viewing your operating system and web browser’s interpretation of HTML code. When you create a PDF within Manager, you are using its PDF generator, which is tailored to handle multiple languages and the expected outputs of the programming about 80 languages, including different character sets. Fonts are changed to accommodate those needs. When you use the Print function from Manager and select a “print-to-PDF” option, you are using your operating system’s PDF generator to convert the HTML code to a PDF. Different operating systems and browsers can produce different results. Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program. (This has been explained many, many times in the forum.)

Just as you get different results when you print many web pages, you get different results when you print Manager. And those differences are operating-system and browser dependent. Typical WYSIWYG applications are dedicated for a single operating system. Manager runs across multiple systems and faces different challenges.

@KeoN001, your custom field is set up for small paragraph size. I don’t think it will make any difference, you you could try changing the field size and see if that helps. Your basic problem, however, is that you simply have so much content in that field the the PDF generator cannot fit it all on the page. And the generator will not break a custom field across a page boundary. I suspect it faces a dilemma: after inserting the header information (as it does for multi-page PDFs) it does not have room for the entire field. So it includes what fits on the page and crops the rest. Your problem is made worse by having so much information in the business details section.

I return to my original suggestion of a separate terms and conditions document. Manager is an accounting program, not a word processing application.

Thanking you for your suggestions and assistance Tut…