Handling Bank & Cash Reference AutoNumbering

Hello @lubos

Stumbled upon an issue wrt the automatic reference numbers in Receipts & Payments.
I did not use cash accounts for my business for a long time now as most transactions are made through bank. I had used them previously when cash and bank transactions were handled through separate tabs.

So i already had a few old cash transactions saved in Manager with simple reference numbers and recently when i entered a new cash transaction, the auto-numbering of reference was generating a random number of around 16 digits. i understood it was because the bank transaction reference numbers were similar and Manager just incremented the highest number.

Though it was easier for me to search and find the last cash transaction reference number and enter it manually, it may not be so easy for users with a large number of transactions.

Now since both the cash and bank transactions are handled from the same tab, is there any possibility that Manager could auto-number the transactions based on the account selected? maybe an additional prefix too which helps differentiate if users use auto-numbering for both bank and cash transactions.