Autonumbering of receipts and payments

hello! can i suggest, the auto-numbering in receipts and payments be in effect again, ive been using the autonumbering, and i would say, it is helpful, like, when it comes to my sales, of course i issue sales invoices and collection receipts which is prenumbered…and i use autonumbering for my internal transactions other than sales and collections, like rental payments, receipts of additional capital from the owner, and others.

mi using version 18.8.53

Perhaps the solution is to not force automatic reference numbers on everyone but only give an option to those who want it.

So check the latest version (18.8.58) where Reference field looks like this:

You can check it to turn it into:

Obviously no need to check the box on each entry. You can set it to be automatically checked under Form Defaults.


it has been a bumpy few days for Manager Updates. could you put out a comprehensive list of changes since 18.8.19?

its a helpful improvement thanks.

@lubos great change. How about implementing it in every missing form since now is facultative? ie suppliers invoices and so on…

Yeah, I’m considering to make it this way everywhere.

thank you very much for planning to implement this feature everywhere in the system :rose:

The alternative is to define it as a database/business set up parameter, or probably group of parameters. That way administrators could choose if auto numbering is used, what fields are effected, and if it is retrospectively generated or just for new entries.

I little bit to complicated. Maybe in a second step…

@Patch, your idea for restricted access is already automatically incorporated. The server and cloud editions, which are the ones allowing administrators and restricted users, allow permissions to be set. Form Defaults and all other Settings categories can be limited to administrator access for changes, viewing, etc.

It is quite likely I don’t understand the interface/system Lupos is anticipating. My concern was requests have been made for sequence numbers for many things such as:
Receipt, payments, purchase invoice sequence number, payslips, bank transaction, general ledger transaction.
Different users have expressed different requirements. Some want a global reference number. Others want different sequence numbers for different functions. Others prefer user entered data.

I had assumed each user would want their system to consistently implement their chosen behaviour. To achieve consistent behaviour it need to be a set up parameter (as well as administrator setting) not data entry setting. As it is being retrofitted to existing user databases, some consideration should be given to management of the transition (default to old behaviour for existing databases, when activated define if retroactively generate numbers or just new numbers or user selectable). How flexible the sequencing system is, is a program design decision and well beyond me, however thinking about the likely range of requirement early on is likely to result in more efficient use programmer time.

Most of the forms you mention already have automatic sequencing. For those that don’t, a change may be coming. Read this topic: Problems with auto-reference # in combined Receipts & Payments tab.

That is what Form Defaults do. And it can be limited to the administrator. They give whoever control them the ability to set default behavior, not just business by business but form by form.

That is happening. Given the flexibility built into Manager, however, it is probably inevitable that some users who have been updating during the past week, while features related to this issue have been changing, will be affected by the final configuration. Those who wait will probably have an easier transition.

I think this would be a good idea.