Complete Manual for Common Tasks

I am excited to have started using desktop version of Manager yesterday.

Is there are more comprehensive manual on how to use the software apart from the Guides? The guides seem to be focused on telling you the how but not the “Why” which is great if you have advanced level of accounting background and familiar with accounting principles.
I have basic understanding of Accounting and would like to get to know if there is a manual / user guide that shows you the details of processes involved for each event. For example what do I need to do in the Manager system to process a Sales transaction?? Do I process a journal, cash account or is there something else that also needs to be done.

That’s a good point. I know guides are not very helpful to people who have never used an accounting system before. I hope this issue will be addressed in upcoming months. Right now, there is nothing like that.

Don’t wanna get everyone all angry and pitchforky, but I would also love a manual. Love one so much that if you did a solid job writing one up, I’d even pay $25 for a copy of it. The fact that the desktop software is free blows my mind. The devs are so responsive they deserve a little kickback for their efforts.


I am writing up instructions for use in our office. Our business is a consultancy. So my “instructions” won’t be useful to all other business types. However, I am wondering whether we can make this a combined effort by submitting to Lubos, any instruction write ups that the various users make up for their own purposes. That way we may be able to combine the various efforts. It would seem to be a reasonable “donation” by users towards the effort being put into this software?