Malaysia New Tax 0%

Dear Manager Team,

I would like to bring your attention on the new tariff for GST impose by government. The Rate now 0%. However we still have to issue the TAX INVOICE as usual regardless of the new tariff. My problem is when we create new tax code to 0% the title of invoice is “INVOICE”. The government set a rule the title must have a “TAX INVOICE”. How we can to change the title?

New built-in tax codes are usually added as soon as the need is known. Until then, since title changes do not occur with custom tax codes, you can make the change with a custom theme. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

TQ. I make it. However how do i want to mention the GST 0% row as before? Attached is the previous invoice. And how do i want to set the permanent custom theme instead of by clicking the box in the invoice?


May I know when we aspecting the New built-in tax codes will be added?

After your custom 0% tax code is created, you will be able to select it for any line on a transaction in the Tax dropdown box. If you select it for any line item, it will appear below the sub-total, just like the GST 6% line does now. If you use them both, they will both appear.

Use Form Defaults for each type of transaction where you want the custom theme to be regularly used. Read the Guide: Manager Cloud.